Hey Marilyn, yes I got your message, just a little slow in approving it, sorry.But you know I succeeded and now I eat fairly small, regular home cooked meals instead of buying so much junk like I used to.

The second box gave me stomach cramps and gas that made me not fit for public.I need a good starting plan to kick my weight loss off and I think this is it.Do you learn to prepare smaller portions as well as eat smaller portions.My wife and I went on the diet together and I will admit she has not had the same loss rate although she has done well losing 18 pounds during the same 7 weeks.Sounds like there needs to be more communication between Nutrisystem and Schwann, because this is not acceptable.So save the breakfast for when you wake up after your sleep and then pace the meals through your waking hours.

Especially people that are serious about jump starting their body into weight reduction mode and shrinking it down to a more agreeable size.I have not had cramps or anything painful, but the gas was getting to be a joke at home.Hey Kim, I know from a friend that getting the right dosage of thyroxine is very important for helping to get weight under control.

On the flip side, a diet that lasts for only one month is really not long enough to get back into shape for most folks, especially if you want the weight to stay off in the long run.I am really hoping this will help with my weight gain since getting hypothyroidism, as I have gained almost 20 pounds in less than a year.I will focus more on the plan this month and excersise helps.

I ordered NS on Tuesday of last week and my order arrived by Thursday.I wanted to join because I never know what to cook for dinner.When I came off the diet, I was careful what I bought at the store and never again picked up anything that was processed,, you know pizzas, cakes, biscuits an supermarket brand ready meals etc.It was enough to prove to me that I was capable of going all the way, but I did the rest on my own through eating right and exercising every day.Now I am interested in trying it for real as you seem to have attracted a lot of successful dieters who wrote comments here, so there must be plenty right about it.Not because of the portions but out of curiosity of the taste and not being able to wait 28 days to taste them.I am willing and ready to pay for what I ordered but I can not believe they are so rigid and place all the blame on the customer.

Anyone starting this diet has to realize that this is a diet and that you have to be willing to sacrifice some of the things that you are used to eating.You have a good, in depth knowledge of your subject and you put it across very well, so that anyone can understand it easily.If you do decide to go with Nutrisystem and heavy exercise makes you feel hungry soon after eating, you might want to supplement the meals with foods recommended by Nutrisystem, such as fresh green vegetables, salads, some fruits etc.Well I see that your article on NS is rather good as it talks about lots of interesting aspects to the program that I never knew about.

You sound to me like a person who is looking for someone else to blame cause your overweight and you probably write that same comment in a dozen other websites cause your sore at the world when you should really be looking to yourself to take responsibility for your weight.I can buy all of the foods and make fresh foods from the grocery for cheaper.Just focus on your goal and use the add-ons to make meals more satisfying.While he is an affiliate of Nutrisystem, this review is comprised of his own personal views, opinions and professional observations, written honestly and objectively as possible.Addie, I commented awhile back in here that I lost 12 lbs last year on Nutrisystem and I have not put any weight back on since.Cycling is great exercise but for anyone thinking about taking it up, remember to start slow and build up the distance you cycle.To answer your questions, if you go for Select, you really should keep the meals in the freezer.

Thanks for your honest review of Nutrisystem and its pluses and minuses.Also can I drink coffee with milk and sugar on the nutrisystem diet.

Currently I am in an amazing relationship with a man that wants to lose weight and I thought of trying NS so we could do it together.It really depends on the person as we all lose it at different rates.It really depends on each individual to do their part for themselves.I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has the foresight to learn about it first and then to go into it with they eyes open.I always tell people when they ask me what kind of diet I went on to lose, like over 40lbs over a two month period.It works for most people and I think its worth trying even for a month if your already leaning toward trying it.I started to do more exercize too, but that has only started on Monday when Terry said that the problem might be my metabolism.I stayed with it for the whole month and lost 9 pounds which I was pretty happy about cause I was hopeless at losing weight before that.

I also want to say that reading all the many comments here is like being in group therapy.The best part is that my cholesteral dropped from 305 to 223 in 3 months without meds.Nutrisystem Discounts. Receive your free pack of Vanilla TurboShake when you add this Nutrisystem coupon code to any order of diet.So I have been existing on ready meals from the supermarket, Chinese take out, pizza and the like.It made it easier for me to make my mind up about that company and I believe it must help a ton of other people out there struggling with weight loss to see there really is a solution that looks like it works for most of those who wrote in.This year is going to be a totally amazing one with a set of new promotions and deals to attract dieters to the best diet meal home delivery program around.

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